Pro Football Mystery Box


Experience the thrill of surprise with YOUR chosen Pro Football Mystery Box! This unique offering is custom-tailored to YOUR favorite team, allowing you to enjoy an exciting, one-of-a-kind unboxing experience.

Each Mystery Box contains ONE exclusive item. Examples of items:

  • Signed photo
  • Player-signed trading card
  • Signed mini helmet emblazoned with your favorite logo
  • Autographed full-sized replica helmet

Every item is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from trusted sources (including Beckett, JSA, PSA, and Fanatics), ensuring your prized possession is genuine.

Worried about getting stuck with second-string memorabilia? We've got you covered! Our mystery boxes serve up past and present stars ONLY, excluding the clutter of less significant items.

As a special bonus, we've laced this premium deal with a dash of intrigue: every 100 Mystery Boxes holds the chance of discovering 10 Replica Helmets. What treasure will YOUR box yield?

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING, and remember, your mystery box is a carefully curated surprise representation of your chosen team only – because we know no fan wants an item from their biggest rival!

Please note: All sales are final since surprises come in all shapes, and please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as we craft the perfect surprise just for you. Ready for the intriguing experience of unpacking your Pro Football Mystery Box?

Grab YOUR Mystery Box from YOUR Favorite Team.  Each mystery box has ONLY ONE item PER BOX.  

Items you can trust as All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Beckett, JSA, PSA, Fanatics) 🤩

Enter YOUR favorite TEAM name at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING and get a mystery box from only that team.

Past and present stars ONLY so no need to worry about ever getting backup punter items 😁

Guaranteed item from only that TEAM. Never get YOUR biggest rival item! 

🔥Every 100 Mystery Boxes contain 10 Replica Helmets throughout. Only One Item per box and is random. 🔥

🎁Signed Full-size Replica Helmet 🎁

- Signed Photo 

-Game Used swatch or player-signed trading card

-Signed Mini Helmet

-Signed Logo Football

All sales are final as this is a Mystery Box and past/present players may be included.  Please allow 2-4 Weeks for SHIPPING

🎁FREE Shipping 🎁