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What’s needed for children’s beginning reading skills? The Alphabet! Enjoy the time you will spend with your children or students with Literacy Series that helps children learn by mastering beginning reading skills. Its necessary for children that beginning books have complete letter recognition by use of both capital and lower case Aa-Zz letters in each book. They include phonics, and a sight word list. The books are fundamental for children becoming independent readers with strong core reading competencies. The Literacy Series is an important component to beginning reading programs for quickly teaching children to learn how to read. In addition each book is 32 pages of hand painted watercolor for artistic enrichment. Key benefits: • Every letter of the alphabet both capital and lower case Aa-Zz is in each book for repeated recognition and phonetic pronunciation • A variety of sight words • Consonant blends such as cl, br, sp, fr, • Rhyming words are used within the text • Each book shows personal values for friendship, family, and community • The font supports correct letter formation of early handwriting skills These fun to read books allow you to add your own science, math, handwriting, and art projects to allow children to learn in a comprehensive manner. Literacy Series Beginning Reader includes the titles Sam The Clam, Pink Piglet, and Little Skunk.