About the Program

Thank you for your interest in working with us in our affiliate program with SportsMarket. We will be adding new product designs weekly and will be partnering with new merchants to bring our store a huge selection of items. Currently, we offer some Sports Tshirts from some of your favorite teams. Our listings include: Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, College and other soon to be added collections. These are perfect for any sports fan who enjoys going to the game, being at a tailgate or just sitting at home cheering on their team.

SportsMarket also created a Charity Collection to help giveback to a number of reputable causes. With so many great causes and constant lack of underfunding, this was our way of giving back monthly. While their is no commission on the Charity Collections, you are really helping to make a difference and your help is very much appreciated. We will always be looking at ways to help our affiliates generate more income and are grateful to be able to partner with some many great people.  Listed under the Support tab at the bottom of the page is the Affiliate Signup link. Thanks.